About Your Coach

Zach Klassen


Personal Trainer

Ex-Football Player

Novice Strongman

Other things about me:

Dog Lover

Star Wars Nerd

Video Game Junkie


Deep love for chill music

Could live on buffalo wings and ranch

Helping my clients overcome their biggest obstacles since 2015.

About Zach

I spent most of my life insecure about my body. I never understood why I gained weight when the people around me never seemed to struggle with it. It was in high school where I truly began to develop as a person after I joined the football team. I didn’t begin my transformation with a flashy diet plan or using expensive supplements; it started with my mind. I grew in character first and the body followed.

Football taught me important values like commitment, hard work, taking care of myself and others around me. It was from my development as an athlete that I was inspired to pursue Kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg. I initially went to become a Phys. Ed. teacher, but learned after a number of years that it wasn’t classrooms of kids that I wanted to work with, it was with people like you. Someone who’s on the edge of making a life changing decision that will benefit them forever. Someone who’s already taken the first step towards becoming the best version of themselves by making their way to this website.

After I realized who I was as a person and who I wanted to work with, I received my personal training certification through a variety of different programs. Over the years I’ve immersed myself into as many different types of workout programs and diet programs so that I can be as experienced as possible in order to be able to personalize a program for anyone in need of change.

My Mission

You only have one body in this world. It is my mission to help you develop and understand that body. I believe every single person has the potential within them to be great and it is my mission to help you discover your potential!

I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to working out and would recommend him to anyone looking to get started themselves.

Kristian M.

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