Kristian Melo

After 3 months I can confidently say that Zach is a fantastic trainer. He made going to the gym a great experience and made workout routines that suited my schedule and needs. He answered all my questions and helped me understand many misconceptions I had about health and fitness. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to working out and would recommend him to anyone looking to get started themselves.

Jordan Oliver

Klassen Exercise gave me the tools to accomplish my goals. He supplied me with personal training, taught me proper lifting techniques, and made me feel confident in my abilities to workout on my own. I highly recommend Klassen Exercise to anyone.

Kevin Knapp

Klassen exercise has taught me lots. Zach taught me proper lifting techniques and had the patience to go over it with me when I gyrations. He set up a great custom work out plan to help me achieve my goals. He makes sure to check in frequently on how I’m doing or if my workouts need adjustments. He also goes over how body mechanics work for specific exercises that are part of the workouts to ensure no injury and to have maximum efficiency of each exercise. I will continue to use Zach and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic trainer.

Kelly Whelan-Enns

He really helped my dad feel welcome when he started coming to the gym and doing physiotherapy. Just an all around awesome guy!

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